Marketing in 2022: It’s time to sharpen your skills.

Marketing in 2022 is as important as ever. In some ways, it may be even more significant. If you are trying to start a new business or helping your existing business recover after taking a hit during the pandemic, strong marketing is a necessity.

In 2022, we find ourselves in a new world. Some of the rules have changed while others have been reinforced. To thrive in the seemingly upside-down world of today, we have to know where to focus our energies. This can be challenging and a little intimidating.

For myself, as a writer, marketing always seemed intimidating. It sounded like something people in New York with MBAs talked about and Mid-West creatives like myself were scared of. However, The more I’ve leaned into it, the more I’ve found that marketing is not what I thought it was back in the day.

Marketing is really about communicating and building relationships. it is also easier than you think. If you feel stuck or like you are a hamster on a wheel, look into how marketing yourself can change everything. Not sure where to start? Check out some of my favorite tips.

Michael. J Snow is a marketing professional and writer who’s had the good fortune to work with individuals from around the world. Want to work with him? Send a quick email, or check out his Fiverr page.

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